2018 General Solicitation Letter
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January 17,  2018 The R.W. Sorrell Scholarship Fund, Inc, is pleased to announce its annual $3000 scholarship that is available to high school graduates who are preparing to attend an accredited four year institution, or attending post secondary trade, technical or vocational schools for the academic year beginning in the fall of 2018.  The Scholarship Fund will award one $3,000 scholarship annually for up to four years along with a paid summer internship (with a local corporation) to students who have demonstrated a strong community service orientation, and maintain a B grade point average.  Contrary to what is depicted in the media too often, we believe there are numerous examples of young people who have been actively engaged in providing support to their communities.  We hope to assist in telling their stories and provide financial assistance for their education. The Scholarship Fund will also provide a $1,500 Book Scholarship, independent of the annual RWS Scholarship Award. If you know of a young, college-bound person who might be interested in applying for the scholarship, and meet our community service criteria, please refer them to our website for details.  Most importantly, the deadline for this scholarship opportunity is March 16, 2018. We request that you please post this announcement on your bulletin board, make announcements in classes, churches, newsletters and etc., in order to reach as many interested students as possible.  The application is available electronically at our website:  www.rwsscholarship.org The scholarship recipient will be notified via email and registered mail.  Only the scholarship recipient and final candidates will be notified.  Scholarship money will be available to apply to college fees in the Summer of 2018   For additional information about the Scholarship Fund, and how you can support our efforts please contact me directly at 215-517-5746 or visit our website at www.rwsscholarship.org. Sincerely, Robert W. Sorrell Board Chairman
Robert W. Sorrell Founder
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