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The RW Sorrell Scholarship Fund holds its recipients in high esteem – and we have high expectations for them in the future.  Our recipients were selected to represent Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley’s best in Community Service/Volunteerism coupled with academic achievement.  We hope these young people will represent future leadership in the communities they reside. That’s why we have established Community Service/Volunteerism a priority criteria for our scholarship recipients. The term of the scholarship is four years ($3,000 per year).  However, at the end of each academic semester/quarter, each recipient’s academic report will be reviewed.  Renewal of the scholarship is not guaranteed.  Renewal is at the discretion of the RW Sorrell Scholarship Fund’s Board of Directors, but is primarily based on the following requirements being met each year: Complete a minimum of 12 hours each semester Maintain a B- cumulative grade point average Provide a copy of transcript Submit a 1 – 2 page “Narrative” reviewing the past academic year , and highlighting community service and/or extra-curricular activities to the RW Sorrell Scholarship Fund by May 15 each year Notification of any changes in major or transfer to another university/college Adhere to the University/College’s rules of conduct The RW Sorrell Scholarship Fund will help recipients identify summer internships that last approximately six (6) weeks with Independence Blue Cross .  If the internship is accepted by the recipient, the expectation is that the recipient actively participates, is punctual and attends work each day. The RW Sorrell Scholarship Fund may from time to time check with the corporation regarding the recipient’s participation. The Scholarship Fund strongly encourages continued participation in extracurricular activities that will strengthen leadership capabilities and enhance the overall college experience. I have read and understand the above expectations. Signature Date
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